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Conditions That Increase The Risk Of Gallbladder Symptoms In Women

Women have an increased risk of suffering from cholesterol gallstones. Overall there are some other factors that increase their risks of developing gallstones even more. Certain conditions like obesity and pregnancy can cause a woman to have a greater risk of getting this condition. Pregnant women are troubled by the condition because their bodies have an increased amount of cholesterol in their bile that the liver produces. It is mainly surmised that obesity increases the risk due to a poor diet and too much stress being placed on the gallbladder. There are some diseases that also cause an increased risk for this condition in both men and women. People with Crohn's disease often have the condition, and people with diseases like sickle cell anemia that destroy the red blood cells. Patients that suffer from cirrhosis of the liver also tend to get the condition more frequently. People over the age of forty are at higher risks and all people who have elevated triglycerides have an increased risk of the condition. There are other conditions that increase gallbladder symptoms women like anti-contraceptive use.

Gallbladder attacks and the pain associated with gallstones, do not occur in every case. In fact, only about 2% of those who are affected ever end up with any form of symptom whatsoever. Those who end up with the symptoms compare the pain with that of child birthing. They have to put up with intermittent painful episodes that most of the times take place after meals or at night. The gallstone symptoms they feel may include some very painful sensation on the upper part of the abdomen. That pain can often refer to the back between the shoulder blades. The stool may also become tanned do to the high concentration of fat in it. Many of the gallstone symptoms one feels with gallstones are often felt with other diseases, so they are often harder to diagnose.